Simple Planning for Healthy Eating

Simple planning is not making a long list or writing down a formal plan. It’s taking a moment to think things through prior to getting into a situation. This applies to eating out, eating at home and going on vacation.

  1. Think in advance before leaving the house.
  2. Review the menu in advance.
  3. Ask for substitutions or food prepared differently.
  4. Eat early or eat light.
  5. Eat small portions.
  6. Have snacks available to eat.
  7. Enjoy and have fun.

It could be that you are going out to dinner and you take a moment to look at the menu in advance. You might decide on a dish but want to ask the chef questions regarding how the dish is prepared or decide on a special request for preparation of the dish. You can plan for an early dinner or a very light dinner. Remember when you eat is just as important as what you eat and how much you eat. Portion, selection and timing are all important.

Summer is the easier time for healthy eating at home. You can grill everything from meat, vegetables and fruit. Simple planning and you can have a great meal each day and never light the stove. Just think lean meat, fresh vegetables and colorful fruit. Grilled peaches and pineapples are great with sugar free/low fat ice cream. Grilled tomatoes make a great side dish to grilled fish. No preparation time is needed just some simple planning to have the items to throw on the grill.

Vacation time is a good time to pre-plan. If a road trip, plan on snacks to take to eat throughout the trip. If you are flying somewhere, you can still take snacks along to keep from eating chips, cookies, and candy bars. You might not be able to take fresh fruit with you but you can take along nutrition bars, raisins, nuts or whole grains crackers. Fresh fruit might be an option once you arrive at your destination. Just thinking in advance can help you enjoy your vacation and have extra energy to enjoy the sites and thrills.

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