Women of Faith

Women of faith can be challenged each day when we don't fully trust God as we travel along our Christian journey. We should trust God in all aspects of our life. This includes health, nutrition and family.

Proverbs 16:3 "Commit your activities to the Lord and your plans will be achieved."

I would like to share my story with you. When looking for a house I knew what floor plan I wanted and what part of town I wanted to live in. My husband left the decision making up to me. I hired a realtor and started the search. We prayed and sought God's direction but at the beginning I never really committed it to God, I wanted control. The realtor took us to several houses and even gave her opinion about what part of town we should look in which correlated to my own idea.

The entire process was becoming very frustrating to me. We needed a one story house but nothing the realtor showed us was right. It was in the right part of town but the floor plan wasn't right.

I finally committed it to God by praying and asking for His direction and admitting I never had control. He quickly confirmed what I already knew, I was never in control. About a week later, on the way to my sister's house, I saw an open house sign. I felt the need to go in and look at the house.

I drove home to get my husband and the boys. We looked at the house and it was exactly the floor plan we needed but it was in the wrong part of town. I felt a tug inside; I knew I needed to have faith in the Lord. Within a week we signed a contract.

The Lord knows what's best even when we question the decision. My son was going to middle school the following year. I didn't want him to attend the middle school the house was zoned for. I heard the talk throughout the neighborhood about the "best" middle school in the area.

So what did I do? I tried to transfer my son to the school across town. Guess what? I still wasn't trusting the Lord. The transfer did not happen but God had a plan.

My son has a physical and language skill disability. The middle school he went to was exactly what he needed to build his self-confidence, to build his social skills and he flourished academically.

Even in the most unlikely situations women of faith will be challenged along their journey. We must trust God because he doesn't have tunnel vision. Whenever in doubt refer to Psalm 5:8 Lord, lead me in Your righteousness...make straight Your way before me.

The Lord will not lead you astray and his plan is perfect regardless of whether we understand it or not. We look at things with human eyes but God speaks to our hearts.

The faith of women is a cornerstone for the family when making decisions. Women of faith must trust God fully and realize he's in control.

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