Childhood Stages

Childhood stages was very important to me with my middle child. He was born with a birth defect, hydrocephalus, and it was very important for me to know the different physical and emotional aspects associated with each age.

I also wanted to know how best to stimulate and encourage my child. My attempt here is to just give a thumbnail of each stage in early childhood development. The book by Karen Miller, Ages and Stages is an excellent resource.

Birth to 6 months - Learn to interrupt the cry of the baby and comfort baby as soon as possible.
    During this time the focus is
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • crying as a way to communicate
  • giving lots of affection
  • sucking is a great need
6 months to 14 months - Talk alot to the child, surround the child with meaningful language, describe things to the baby.
    During this stage the child
  • reaches, sit ups, creeping, crawling, walking, exploring
  • vocalizes, babbling or jargon talk
  • explores new objects
  • practice new skills
Toddler, 15 months to 2 years - You should react with clarity when toddler hurt another child.
    Toddlers are
  • lovable
  • engaging
  • curious
  • into everything
  • demanding
  • extreme moods
  • high in energy
  • independence
  • pretend play starts
2 years old - read to them everyday, start rhythm instruments
    At the 2 year old stage they show
  • stubbornness
  • short attention span
  • hitting, grabbing, screaming
  • readiness for toilet training
  • scribbling skills
  • finger painting techniques
3 year old - Let them help you when setting the table or clearing the table, move your finger over the words as you read to your child to get them familiar with written words matching spoken words.
    At 3 years of age your child might be
  • eager to please
  • eager to do things right
  • ready to engage in cooperative play
  • developing a sense of humor
  • starting to take turns
  • developing friendships
  • throwing balls and objects
  • developing cutting skills
Childhood development at the 4 year old stage - encourage and stretch the nature imagination and curiosity of your 4 year old
    At 4 years of age they are
  • exuberance
  • enthusiastic
  • adventurous
  • bold
  • silly
  • imaginative
Your 5 year old has ideas and love to talk about them, remember to encourage your child and praise your child.
    Some traits of a 5 year old
  • composed
  • together
  • calm
  • serene
  • wants to be good
  • generally looks on the sunny side
  • loves to be read to and talked to
  • likes to leaves new facts
  • likes to help
  • love praise
Childhood development for some 5 1/2 years old is quite different than when they were 5
    At 5 1/2 some kids might become
  • brash
  • disobedient
  • over demanding
  • explosive
  • well developed language skills
Childhood stages for 6,7 and 8 year olds focus on the physical - enjoys strenuous physical activity, "group identity" is established at this age.
    This age group's
  • industrious
  • competitive
  • developing self esteem
  • growing and developing physical skills rapidly
  • risk takers
  • show offs
  • energetic

Your child has a unique personality and identity regardless of the age. Children are constantly growing, learning and showing their own uniqueness.

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