My Family is My Motivation.




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I wasn't always certain that a family was for me but now there’s no question, God made me to be a wife and mother. My husband and children are my pride and joy. The rewards are great and priceless. I often compare it to a job; it takes hard work and dedication to have a successful relationship.

I would like to share some tips and insight from my journey with you. To succeed it takes a commitment to do your best and a resolve to never give up. Wife, mom, friend, companion, and advisor or just a few of the hats you wear. With all of those demands, it is very important for a woman to take the time to nurture her soul.


Insight for Women

  1. Husband
    1. Communication
    2. Sharing
    3. Romancing
    4. Language of Love
    5. Partners
    6. Respect
    7. Supporting his Efforts

  2. Children
    1. Childhood Stages
    2. Teenagers
      1. role models
      2. Boundaries
      3. Leaders
      4. Individuals
      5. Responsibility

  3. Quality Time
    1. What
    2. When
      1. Vacations
      2. Mission Trips
      3. Weekends
      4. Weekdays

  4. Work-Life Balance
    1. Goals
    2. Schedule
    3. Time Management
    4. Peers

We function as a cohesive unit and not individual pods. We support each other, respect each other and enjoy each other. We pray together, we play together and we share together.

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