Marriage Partnership Between You and Your Husband.

man and women holding hands showing wedding rings

You might ask what a marriage partnership is.

That’s a fair question. As women we need to partner with our husband and make a commitment to love, respect and support our husbands.

Looking out my kitchen window, I see an amazing sight; two doves trying to build a nest on the eve of my patio. At first glance, you marvel at how they diligently go about finding twigs and building the nest around the mother dove. At that very moment she is the center of attraction and she will do nothing to upset the harmony.

As I watched closely and for some time, I saw how they worked together and was determined to be successful at completing their task. They worked at it two long days before the foundation was steady. In a marriage, the foundation is what we build on. Your marriage partnership with your husband should be built on a solid foundation and a mutual agreement to be honest, open and work together to be successful.

You will have differences, failures and hard times but remember you have each other and this is your God send, your mate for life.


A big part of the partnership is to be supportive of your husband's efforts and endeavors. Who would have thought listening were being supportive? It’s not necessary to always be the critic or the correction officer.

During the building of the nest by two birds, all the twigs brought back were not usable. But as I watched, I didn’t see necks twirling and pecking going on by the female. I saw acceptance and then meekly discarding of the undesirable twigs.

Our call as women, in our marriage partnership, is to build up our spouse and be the great woman supporting her man. We all feel at times our efforts are not recognized are appreciated and we think did they have to respond to me like that? I was only trying to……. We should take a moment to applaud our husband’s efforts, recognize the work he does, and let him know he’s needed.


Respect is another part of a successful marriage partnership. The definition of respect in Webster Dictionary is consideration. In watching the birds interact as they built a nest, they were being very considerate of each other as they went through failure, after failure, after failure before they succeeded.

In observing my surrounding at work, if you don’t respect a person, their opinion doesn’t count. The big buzz is also respect is earned. You love your husband; you support his efforts, why would he need to earn your respect? If anything, respect should have been earned during the dating process. Think back to the qualities that attracted you to your spouse, remember what made him so special to you.

Showing respect to your husband cost you nothing, but the rewards you will receive are priceless. Just think how long a little consideration will go in helping to create a harmonious marriage.

We should partner with our husband by supporting him and showing him respect out of love. My relationship with my husband has continued to flourish because we seek God’s direction in our marriage and honor each other by being supportive and respectful.

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