Teenage Individuality is a Must Have for Your Teenager

You have a teenager and do you know who they are. Do they have their own identity, their teenage individuality? I have always stressed to my three boys they don’t have to be one of the crowd, go with the trends are conform to the styles of what is suppose to be hot and what's not. This all goes into don’t sweat the little things.

It is important for teens to know what they like and what is important to them. It should be because of their teenage individuality and not because it is important to their friend or because it’s the fad right now. Teenagers have a lot to deal with and we need to help them by allowing and encouraging them to be their own unique self. They have their own beautiful personality.

    How can you help your teen?
  1. Encourage them to find out what talent they have and to explore and develop that talent.
  2. Let them know that society views are not necessarily the correct views.
  3. It’s nothing wrong with different because they are special.
  4. It’s okay to ask for attention from their parents.
  5. It’s okay to say no and be the odd one out.
  6. Popular is not always healthy.
  7. They can use their mind to make wise decision.
  8. It’s okay to ask questions.
  9. Parents aren’t supposed to be cool; they are supposed to be loving and supportive and be a parent.
  10. No one is perfect and we are not to judge.
  11. Everyone’s situation and everyone’s’ circumstances are different.
  12. Don’t get caught up in the hype.
  13. Don’t label your child.
  14. Love them, encourage them, and spend time with them.
  15. Regardless of what they say, hugs and kisses are okay.

I still tuck my teenagers into bed and they look forward to that each night. My son likes to wear clothes, in my eyes, that do not match in color but he’s okay with it. He doesn’t let the words and questions of other kids bother him. We all have things we like and dislike and that’s okay as long as it based on our own preferences. The same goes for your teenagers.

I have always stressed to my children to know what something mean before they say it and to find out where a fashion trend started before they decide if it is something they want to wear. T.V. and movies are fiction. Movies stars are not to be admired because of the money they make or because they are on the big screen. Sports figures are not to be looked up to because society says you should.

Your teen hero should be someone they respect, they admire for the person’s values and beliefs and someone they feel have impacted their life in some way, directly or remotely. Your teenager should know what they stand for and what they believe. It’s okay for their teenage individuality to show. Your teenager is beautifully and uniquely created.

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