Annual Check Up for Women

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It is time for women to recognize the importance of an annual check up for a healthy body, soul and mind. As women, we should recognize that well check-up leads to better health and helps to prevent disease. Insurance companies have finally recognized that preventive medicine leads to reduced long term medical cost and regular check ups are considered to be preventive.

The well woman check up will involve different tests depending on what your doctor recommends. All women after the age of 18 should get a yearly checkup. Check out to see recommendations for screening test and guidelines for women from age 18 and up. This chart will list recommendations of when women should get the following as well as other tests are immunizations.

Some exams that are recommended yearly for all women are

annual check-up You should prepare a list of questions for your doctor. The list should include any concerns you might have. Make sure to bring to the doctor attention concerns you have regarding what have been occurring over the past year.

It is also important to remember to call your doctor earlier than the yearly checkup if things just seem out of sort. Don’t try to self diagnosis, get a professional opinion. Early treatment and preventive care is always the best approach. However, the doctor needs to know all of your concerns to properly diagnosis any problems you might have. I speak from experience.

My doctor diagnosed my PMDD after I clearly communicated to him all of my symptoms which included physical, emotional and mental symptoms. I thought I was experiencing PMS and the other symptoms were not related. I quickly learned this was not true. My doctor diagnosed, treated and continued to monitor me. My PMDD subsided.

Two years later symptoms returned. Some were similar as before but some not. I recognized this and communicated what was going on at my annual well woman check up with my doctor. This was a different hormonal imbalance and a different treatment suggested.

You have concerns, you have questions, you need information.

Check out these frequently asked annual exam questions .

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