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Women N.E.W.S. Blog is helpful tips regarding nutrition, exercise, wellness (personal and family) and spiritual growth. The Blog will update you on....

  • fitness information and how to start a home exercise program at little cost to you
  • healthy meal options and portion sizes
  • how to balance work and family and better understand your husband and children
  • learn how exercise and nutrition play a role in overall health
  • find out how to walk in faith through daily devotions

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Easy Healthy Recipes

Simple is usually the best and the same applies to cooking. Try these easy healthy recipes and start to enjoy home cooking again with no guilt.

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For quite some time now I have been trying to gradually make the shift toward a more plant-based diet. It sounds easy…just eat more fruits and vegetables,

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Personal Journey

Take a moment to find out how you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and why I want to partner with you along this journey.

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Oatmeal Cranberry Bars

oatmeal cranberries bars that will leave you wanting more

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Meal Planning for a healty you

Meal planning goes beyond deciding what to buy at the drive through window.

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Information About Healthy Nutritional Meals Ingredients.

Portion sizes, hidden fats, hidden sugars and sodium can negate your efforts when it come to healthy nutritional meals.

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