Annual Checkup Questions to Consider

Be prepared with annual checkup questions before and during the exam so that you are well informed going into the exam. Preparation for your exam is important and making a list of doctor questions will ensure you get the information you should from the exam.

Yearly exam questions are not limited to questions to ask the doctor. Be inquisitive about the appointment and the scope of the appointment prior to seeing the doctor. The moment you set the appointment date, research to find out more of what to expect, from the doctor, during the exam, and getting test results.

Some annual checkup questions to consider prior to attending the exam:

  1. What is an annual checkup?
  2. An annual checkup is an exam that takes place once a year and is also considered a well woman exam. The exam is considered a preventive exam to assess your general health and make determination of what test or immunization you may need.
  3. What is covered?
  4. What is covered in regards to cost depends on your medical insurance. Typically most insurance plans consider annual checkups as preventive care and will cover the cost of the exam and any necessary testing at 100%.
  5. What should I expect?
  6. If this is the first appointment with this doctor, the doctor should complete a very comprehensive history. This would include questions about your parents and sibling health. The doctor should ask if there are any hereditary problems running in the family such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Whether it’s a first appointment or a follow up annual appointment, you should be weighed, your iron should be checked, blood pressure check, urine sample given, and the doctor or nurse should ask about general health information for that year. They should inquire about any changes in lifestyle and talk with you in general.
  7. How much is well woman checkup?
  8. Even if covered by insurance the cost depends on what test are completed. The initial comprehensive exam might cost more than a follow up the next year. If a mammogram is scheduled, this will be a separate charge by a lab. If comprehensive blood work is scheduled, this will also be a separate charge by a lab. There is typically a charge for urinalysis and of course the Pap smear.
  9. What will be included in an annual checkup?
  10. Check out for a chart of recommended test and immunization that might be included.

There are also annual checkup questions you should ask during the exam.

  1. Ask your doctor about the importance of women annual checkup.
  2. If any test are ordered, make sure to ask what the test are for and when you should expect to receive the results.
  3. If the doctor recommends taking several different vitamins, ask more questions and ask what foods might help to naturally supply these vitamins.
  4. If you need instructions on how to do self breast exam at home, ask for a chart to take home with you.
  5. If medications are prescribed, ask the doctor if they have samples to get you started and also inquire about generic brands to take.
  6. Remember, this is a very important exam and annual checkup questions are the foundation to making the exam a pleasure experience.

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