Family Mission Trips

You probably are thinking what does family mission trips and family quality time has to do with each other. Initially it appears nothing, but things aren’t always what they appear.

Family mission trips doesn’t mean packing your bags and heading to a third world country. Although if that is your calling, you should follow it. Mission trips can be here in your own city, your own town. Mission as defined by Webster is a body of persons sent to perform a service or carry on an activity.

Mission trips lend themselves to the perfect opportunity for quality time with your family or your spouse.

You will get to know that person on a very intimate level as you go out to assist the elderly in nursing homes or retirement centers.
You get to see and hear your children share their feelings as they interact with the needy and serve others.

Clothe closets and food pantries are perfect places for the entire family to pitch in and help out. As you sought and stock and straighten you can share the events of the day, the week or share what’s on your heart at the time.

I participated as a sponsor on a mission trip with my son and gained insight into some things he was facing as a teenage adolescent that he had not shared with us at home. I think the focus was on others and the ease of being in a different environment and interacting in a different setting gave him the opportunity to open up about topics that might be overlooked during the busy day to day schedule or the family game night.

Your mission trip is an opportunity to share and also an opportunity to learn how to serve others and take the focus off of self. When the needs of others are the main focus, suddenly your problems, concerns are easier to share with your family or spouse because now the mountain in your life is suddenly a minor bump in the road.

Look for opportunities to get the entire family involved and at the same time share some meaningful quality time together getting to know the heart of your loved ones.

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