Date Night after Marriage

I am sure if you are married you have heard about date night. This is a time that you and your spouse plan to go out on a date. I can contest that it works and planning an activity outside of the house offers the most benefit. Yes you have to actually get dressed and leave home.

My husband and I have a standing night for dating. It's once a month but not on the same day each month. We take turns deciding what to do or where to go. Sometimes our date night is with friends and other times it is just the two of us. We have even coordinated our outing with a work function. At the work function the food and drinks are provided and basically all you have to do is make an appearance and then you can move to a small table for two.

The important thing to remember is this special night is an opportunity to get re-acquainted with your spouse all over again.

    You can do this by

  • going out to dinner
  • going to a movie
  • dinner and a movie
  • mall strolling
  • Shakespeare in the park
  • finding a cozy table at a business function
Whatever you do, your focus should be on your spouse.

One of our favorites is dinner and a movie. Other times we just like going out to a really nice dinner. Window shopping is fun; I like listening to my husband critique clothes and pick out shoes for me to try on. I don't like trying on clothes but my husband now I have a weakness for shoes and sometimes he will take me to a retail store to try on and model shoes for him.

One rule we have is the dress is after five for whatever we are doing. This means no jeans and tennis shoes. Friends have found out that if they are invited, our dress will be after five but they can dress whatever is comfortable for them.

The dress for us is very important, it's nice to know your spouse takes the time to put on that special outfit just for you; it speaks to how much they care for you. Remember it's the little things that count the most.

In our busy life, we seem to take time to do everything else, let's remember to take time to spend some time with our spouse. Date night makes it very special and give you something to look forward to each month. This is a day that you are not free for other activities. If you have kids, make sure and check the school calendar for activities so that there's no conflict with your special night.

Start your date night now and make a commitment to take time each month to spend one very special night together. It's worth it, you'll see!

Mark it on your calendar!.

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