Family Quality Time

Whether it’s spending family quality time with spouse or spouse and children it’s about letting the people you love know that you want to be with them, building an intimate relationship with them while getting to know them at each stage of their life.

Take time to spend together sharing with other, enjoying each other and getting to know each other all over again. In these busy, fast pace times, communication is lost and things can be much distorted when it comes to who’s doing what and when.

Family quality time is also not being home together in separate rooms with everyone doing their own thing. Take the time to spend time together in activities that you can enjoy. We let a different family member pick out what we will do for game night or what family movie will watch for movie night. My husband even watch my “chick” flicks when it’s my night to pick. The activity itself is not the most important thing but it’s all about the time you send with each other enjoying each other’s company.

Some activities we enjoy are

  • board games
  • bowling
  • billards
  • family meetings
  • hanging out in master bedroom
Try Karaoke as an activity. Make a different person responsible for the meal each time. Have fun with it. Family quality time is not time for texting or for emailing. It’s time for interaction between family. We don’t answer the phone and unless it’s movie night, there’s no TV involved. It’s time to enjoy the time of your family and spouse.

It’s always nice when you want to spend time with your spouse and family and they want to spend time with you. Take the time to institute quality time in your home. It’s not the amount of time you spend together but the connections you are continuing to make during that time. So start to think quality and not quantity when it comes to family and spouse. You will quickly feel a different sense of closeness.


  • Quality time can be sitting down eating a meal together.
  • It can be at home enjoying your favorite activity or going out together.
  • We like to go to a baseball game and hang out or go to a basketball game and hang out.
  • What about a family slumber party or a camp out which may be in your own back yard.
  • A picnic at the pool complex is a good time to share. You can eat a little, swim a little and share a lot.

Youth church events are marriage conferences are good times to get to know your children or spouse in a different setting. You learn to take advantage of different situations and different activities and make every moment count.

Same time, same night is not necessary. It’s not about quantity or routine but about quality. It’s about letting the child at heart come out and really enjoy the moment and the experience of sharing and spending time with your family.

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