Female Role Model

You can be a female role model for your teenager. My 12 year old son's role model is me, his mother. I went to a parent-teacher conference and my son's teacher couldn't stop talking about how my son admired, respected and looked up to me.

It has nothing to with my job or the position I hold at work. It's not because I take care of him or cook and clean.

It's because I...

  • talk with our teen
  • spend time with our teen
  • go to all our son's functions
  • listen and ask questions
  • communicate with our son

Teenagers are in a very delicate stage of life. Their hormones are raging. They no longer like rag dolls and little toy cars. They need someone who love and care about them. Your teen girl or boy need you to be a female role model, to steer them in the right direction. Be honest and let your teenager know it is okay to be themselves, to be different than the crowd. Let them know they are special because they are uniquely and beautifully made.

Be the person your teen wants to be like, a role model. It doesn't take money just time and dedication and the rewards last forever.

You can do it!

Listen to your teen.
Take their concerns seriously.
Don't belittle their problems.
Remember what it was like to be a teen.
Connect and relate to your teen.
Every situation is important to them, it's a part of their life.

Be a leader and a friend to your teen. You can start now to teach your teen a valuable life listen.

Your teen wants to be heard. Don't just throw answers at your teenager, offer suggestions, work through situations, give your teen insight based on your personal experience for the struggles they might be going through.

Your teenager wants to be included. Dr. James Dobson gives the following advise. Let your teen participate in how the situation should be handled. Let your teen know you love them, that you care and that you are concerned. Ask your teenager what suggestions they have to help resolve the situation.

Don't just say you understand but let your teen help you understand how they feel, what they are going through and what's going on in their life at the time. Part of being a good communicator is listening.

Be available...

  • to talk with them
  • to help with homework
  • to listen to a new song
  • to hear about a new book or magazine
  • to go over details of a project
  • to just sit and hang out
  • to share in a common interest

Women, be there for your teen, nurture their soul, preserve their childlike qualities. Be the woman your teens never expects you to be, their role model.

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