Personal Goals

What really matters in your life? I am talking about your personal goals. Your personal goals entail your work life and your personal life. Once you really ponder the question, what really matters in your life, it is easy to prioritize and set goals.

It is easy for most people to set goals for work because growing up the question you here most is “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We start thinking about work goals at an early age but do we focus on goals for our personal life.

Yes as women, you might think about getting married and having children. But after the husband and kids, do you think about goals for your life and your family. This could be goals to spend daily quiet time to revitalize your soul. Your goal could be a better approach to a healthy lifestyle. My goal after marriage, for my family, was to take a big family vacation each year. I felt like this would be very valuable time for the family to bond and great learning experience for us all.

My personal life goals are to be an effective teacher, middle school is my passion, and a mentor for other women. Be specific about your goals.When you look at your life think about what's important and what really matters.

Once you set personal goals, you must allow time in your schedule. This is part of work-life balance. Many workers face long hours and demanding schedules. Once you set your goals outside of work, it's hard to accomplish the goals while devoting 24/7 to your job life.

I have my work schedule set and I have communicated this to my manager so she's fully aware of my working hours. It wasn't always that way. So don't read this and think but how can things change? They can because it's up to you to decide what your schedule will be. You can say no and not let other people job priorities become your priorities. It is okay to say no because you are currently working on another task that you have to complete.

Emails and cell phones make you assessable all the time. Steven Hobfall, PHD, distinguished professor of psychology at Kent State University and co-author of Work Won't Love You Back: The Dual Career Couple's Survival Guide advises "stop checking email and cell phones so often, few people are so important that they need their phone on all the time."

You can decide what your schedule will be. Keep your priorities in mind when scheduling your time. This is for work and personal life.

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