Teen Leadership Qualities

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Teen leadership qualities maybe seen in all teens whether they are in a leadership role or not.

My son's teacher in his IDS Language class spent several weeks going over these leadership qualities and helping teens recognize and use these qualities as respectful, responsible teenagers. She advised they should be examples and encouragers to other teens.

Teens with any of these leadership qualities and the proper guidance tend to be able to deal more effectively with peer pressure, relationship issues and school situations. If you recognize these traits in your teen, you should encourage them to use the traits to be effective teenagers.

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Some leadership styles your teen might possess are:

  1. Personable - possess traits or qualities that make people follow his/her example.
  2. Persuasive - good at convincing others to follow by using effective speaking styles.
  3. Initiating and Maintaining - see a need for change, analyze and organize a solution.

Teens have to be reminded that these qualities should be used in a positive and responsible manner. Even though your teen might not be in a leadership position, they have an opportunity to influence others.

Along with the above teen leadership qualities are also 7 personal characteristics of an effective leader:

  1. Confident
    1. in their ability to handle responsibilities
    2. in decision making
  2. Assertive
    1. takes command in group when needed
    2. ready to give direction and take control of a group
  3. Responsible
    1. need to be reliable and can be counted on to do what they say
    2. will gain people confidence and respect by being a reliable person
  4. Risk Taking
    1. closely related to confidence
    2. must be willing to admit mistake and start over if needed
    3. need to have courage to make decisions that are not popular
  5. Emphatic
    1. recognize group members as individuals and recognize how each individual feel.
  6. Well Adjusted
    1. should be mature enough to feel secure in themselves to take constructive criticism and helpful advice.
    2. admit mistakes and own up to them.
    3. not feel threatened by others
    4. able to delegate
    5. remains composed
  7. Extroverted
    1. talkative
    2. outgoing
    3. friendly

My son shared this information with me. He really learned how to use his leadership qualities to positively impact others. Be there for your teens and help them recognize their gifts and how they should use those gifts.

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