Tips for a Home Exercise Program

This is for you, an inexpensive women home exercise program. I have included some simple suggestions for my best friend and all women who might be short on time or money.

weights for your exercise program Your program will include aerobic (cardiovascular) exercises and strength training. Check out these useful tips on how to get healthier and stronger and you don't have to leave home to do it. You can develop a complete fitness program to improve your oxygen consumption which helps heart and lungs, make your muscles stronger and improve bone density.

Some suggestions for a cardiovascular program are:

  • walking, power walking or jogging outside
  • walking the stairs inside of your house
  • get back to your childhood – jump rope
  • aerobic videos/DVD from your local library to include:
    • kickboxing
    • Pilates
    • Tae bo kicks
    • step routine
You can try out several different routines at no cost to you and find your niche.

Your strength routine can be achieved by using:
  1. Your body weight
    1. lunges – walking lunges, side lunges, stationary lunges
    2. squats – feet shoulder length apart, squat like sitting in a chair – hold for 3 seconds, repeat
    3. backward pushups – using a chairs, stand with back to the chair, place heal of hand on the chair seat, lower and life your body
    4. glute bridge – using a chair, chair against the wall, feet against seat of the chair, squeeze butt muscles together and tighten your body so it form a flat bridge.
  2. An exercise ball can be used for
    1. basic crunch
    2. ball hip lift
    3. ball squat, shoulder press, back fly, triceps press back (all of these you use hand weights)

exercise ball

An exercise ball is a great investment for your home fitness program. You can get an exercise ball/fit ball that meets your needs for a very low cost. The ball can be used for crunches, posture exercise, arm routines and floor exercise. You can strentghten your core muscles by sitting on the ball and completing any type of exercises. During the school year I use my ball for my strengthening exercises.

Combine free weights with the exercise ball for a complete workout. You can purchase weights where you can dial the amount of weight you want to use. This allows you to have just one set of weights and not ten different pairs laying around. I have leg weights where you can increase or decrease the amount of weight you want to use. I use these as free weights for my arm exercises along with my exercise ball.

The last thing I will mention for your home exercise program is a mat. You can purchase a relative inexpensive exercise mat or I opt to use a body towel for my mat. The towel on top of the carpet works perfectly.
You don't need expensive equipment but you must be committed to sticking with a program. A home program offers flexibility and creativity opportunities. Whether it's step aerobics, jump rope or walking the stairs, get up, get moving and have fun.

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