Vary Your Workout Routine with Outdoor Physical Activity

Spring and summer are the perfect time for physical activity outside. I'm a early riser and I like to get up and get moving. I turn my outdoor workout time into a family event. The kids ride their bike, skate, skate board, run, jog or walk. There's something for everyone to do from the youngest to the oldest.

Here are some suggestions to get the most fun from your outdoor workout.

  • You can walk to the local park or school athletic field and use water bottles filled with water as hand weights. This is also your water supply to stay hydrated during your workout.
  • Many parks have walking tracks and exercise equipment. You can fast walk on the track and stop at each piece of equipment to complete the exercise as indicated on the instructions This is outdoor circuit training and works very well.
  • At the athletic field fast walk around the track once, when you get to the bleachers, stop and go up and down the bleachers. Then you repeat the process for about 30 minutes. This beats a stair stepper any day.
  • Take advantage of the different terrain while enjoying the outdoors. You might encounter hills which work the different muscles in your legs when you go up and down. Sand, grass and concrete will also be a different challenge for your muscles.

Things to remember...

  1. You need a good pair of walking shoes that is suited for outdoor walking.
  2. You want to remember to warm up and cool down. You can us the walk to and from the park or field as the warm up and cool down time.
  3. Once you complete your workout, make sure to stretch to prevent muscle soreness.
  4. Finally it's very important to stay well hydrated during your outdoor workout.

You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to outside physical activity. I included a couple of my favorites ideas to get you outside and enjoying the wonders of nature while improving your health.

Now get up and get moving!

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