Women, Build Strong Bones Early in Life

The key is to build and maintain strong bones throughout your life. The building process mainly takes place before your 30's, and bone mass peaks in your 30's. After that it begins to taper off.

Bones are always replenishing themselves just like other tissues in the body. However, after 30 women begin to lose bone faster than they replace it. In your 40's, estrogen levels start to drop and this weaken your frame. In your 50's the estrogen level drops dramatically and it's especially important to maintain stout bones.

  • Exercise is important to keep bones strong and healthy.
    • Weight bearing exercises
      • Walking
      • Jogging
      • Dancing
    • Eat right to get plenty of calcium.
      • Concentrate on eating food high in calcium such as
      • Dairy foods – low fat varieties
        • Milk
        • Yogurt
        • Cheese
      • Collard greens, turnip greens
      • Dried beans or peas
      • Almonds
      • Kale, broccoli
    • Healthy lifestyle choices
      • Avoid smoking
      • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
      • Both weaken your bones
    • Vitamin D is needed to help with calcium absorption.

Stout bones help prevent osteoporosis . Females are at a higher risk. After 8 to 10 years post menopause, your doctor might recommend a bone density test. This painless procedure can help determine if you're at risk. Your doctor might recommend medication to slow or stop bone atrophy.

Eating more calcium rich foods in your early years and weight bearing at all stages can lower your risk and build strong bones.

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