Healthy Food Pyramid

The healthy food pyramid encompasses 5 different food groups and recommended daily serving for each. Your body needs a variety of vitamins and nutrients and the best way to get what you need is fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain), milk products (calcium), lean meats (protein).

Each season of the year offers different fresh fruits to enjoy. Eat the fruit as they are in season and this keeps variety in your diet. Cranberries are small but there’s packed a punch when it comes to your health.

Green leafy vegetables are good for you and with the different type of lettuce and spinach you can have a nutrition salad with lunch and dinner. The red and orange vegetables are important because of the beta-carotene they can and the antioxidants for helping to fight certain disease.

When you must have bread, look at the ingredients and look for the world whole before the grain product. You want to avoid bleached grains which will remove some of the important nutrition that your body need. Remember cereal, rice and pasta should be included in the whole grain section. Cook dishes with crown rice and whole grain pasta.

Milk products should be low fat or non fat. The importance thing is the calcium you need for your bones. For those who can’t consume milk, lactose free products provide what you need. Yogurt and cheese would also be included in the group. Don’t like milk, you have choices.

Protein is important for your body. The USDA MyPyramid actually has named this category meat and beans. Your source for protein is not just meat. If you choose meat, it should be lean, grilled or baked. I enjoy nuts for a quick snack. Almonds and cashews are great as with everything in moderation.

The focus is on fresh foods with no preservatives, low in fats and not fried. It time to change old eating habits and get re-acquainted with your kitchen.

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